Program Mission and Goals

The mission of the Brigham Young University Dietetic Internship is to develop informed and productive citizens of the family, community, and nation who are prepared to make meaningful contributions to the dietetics profession.

The Dietetic Internship will:

Prepare graduates to successfully complete the Registration Examination for Dietitians and excel in entry-level dietetics positions.
Outcome measures include: program retention figures, pass-rate on Registration Examination for Dietitians, and responses on graduate and employer surveys.

Engender the desire and skills for continuing education and personal growth.
Outcome measures include: achievement of graduate education, specialty certifications and promotions, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics membership, and volunteer involvement reported on three-year post-completion surveys.

Support the development of ethical and moral values in personal and professional life.
Outcome measures include: discussion of ethics and Honor Code in Program Handbook and responses on graduate and employer surveys