Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD)

Academic CalendarAcademic Calendar

Academic Calendar

Accreditation StatusAccreditation Status

Accreditation Status

Admission Requirements and ProcessAdmission Requirements and Process

Admission Requirements and Process

Civil RightsCivil Rights

Civil Rights

Curriculum & Course SequencingCurriculum & Course Sequencing

Curriculum & Course Sequencing

Didactic Program (DPD)Didactic Program (DPD)

Didactic Program (DPD)

Dietetics-Related Work and/or Volunteer ExperienceDietetics-Related Work and/or Volunteer Experience

Dietetics-Related Work and/or Volunteer Experience

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Director Contact Information

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DPD Application

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Financial Aid



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Learning Outcomes

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Mission and Goals

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Program Overview

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Transfer Equivalents